Detection: Only you hold the key

With the security solutions available to date, you usually face a tough choice. Either the markers are flexible in application, easily detectable, and just as easy to reproduce (examples: serial numbers or bar codes), or they are difficult to counterfeit but rather impractical as they require special procedures for handling and/or specialized lab equipment for unambiguous identification (examples: micro-particles or DNA-tracks).

Our technology gives you the best of both worlds. With our high-precision detector your individual marker can be easily identified at any place and time you choose. The device is easy to handle and can be operated by anyone. Our detection system functions according to the lock-and-key principle. The profile code of your individual emission spectrum is stored inside the detector; protection against hacking is ensured with cryptographic measures.

The lock-and-key principle is a simple method to implement yet it is impossible to analyze due to our technology. Counterfeiters crack standard anti-counterfeiting methods.

And since the US CBP (Customs Border Patrol) is seeing an increase in fake or imitation products and dollar values the current methods are not solving this problem.

The price of our detectors is moderate and varies according to functionality and order volume, allowing you to decide which stage of your production and/or logistics chain that you wish to equip with our detection devices. Just a chosen few of your authorized wholesalers? Customs authorities? Or the incoming goods department at your key corporate customer?

You stay in control and counterfeit products and their agents can thus be detected and ultimately brought to justice.

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