Go for Certainty

On the outside it says Intel, IBM or Infineon - but what's inside?

It could be anything, really. Making a microprocessor look like the branded original (or altering the stamp so the product appears to be of a recent make) is nothing to adept counterfeiters.

Just imagine: some hundred thousand devices produced or even delivered to a key customer (say, a tier one automotive supplier) - when all of a sudden it turns out the functionality or performance of the built-in chips is below their specification. An outright disaster! And what if a product recall becomes necessary? In extreme cases such incidents can temporarily shut down the customer's entire production.

This is only one possible scenario out of many. No matter whether it's microprocessors, sophisticated measurement instruments, or DIY tools- manipulation can have very severe consequences..

Play it safe. Make sure your products are truly authentic - with our help.

You can see the Capacitors(5 capacitors inline above) cracked in this video card - most likely due to inferior counterfeit capacitors inserted in the assembly of the video card..

Power Supplies are relatively simple products but very important in the operation of computers and other electrical devices. With our Authentication Taggant you can be assured of checking the authenticity of your product, a counterfeit product is easy to detect.

This modem card has plenty of areas to place an Authentication marker - both covert and overt - which would make it easy to Authenticate and root out the counterfeit products.