Authentication Marker: Applicable to any product

Our marker is manufactured of lanthanoid-compounds which emit visible and invisible light when stimulated with an infrared and ultra-violet laser. The emission spectrum can be varied by modifying the compounds' molecular structure. This way, we create unique markers for each product. We use the upconversion ability of the proprietary lanthanoid compounds. With Upconversion of the electrons within the atomic structure, we receive a specific signature (the Key in the picture below). This is why our authentication marker cannot be reverse engineered. The Authentication Marker is also referred as a taggant in the industry. Our Authentication Marker is an Encrypted Spectral Taggant - because our taggant is encrypted and a spectrometer is used to view the taggant.

Originally of a powdery consistency, the material can be processed in different ways. We can apply it to the product surface or add it to the material mix - no matter if solid or fluid. As a result, our marker(Encrypted Spectral Taggant - EST) can be used for almost any product. The ideal application for your needs will be developed jointly by our experts and yours.

The marker you will receive is exclusive to your product. While invisible on first view, it can be rapidly and clearly verified with our special detectors, even after decades, as it is highly resistant to thermal or mechanical influences. Even heavy-duty products, such as brake discs (rotors) or drill heads, remain 100 percent identifiable. As a result, any potential warranty or liability claims can be clarified immediately. Our authentication marker cannot be reproduced by any contemporary technical means.

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