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Thurgauer Newspaper (translation of an article):

Thurgau company with prominent Board of Directors announces to fight pirates. It has developed a chemical substance where counterfeiting is immediately apparent.

Founder Dieter Ebert (left) and Chairman of The Board Thomas Borer (right) presenting the Security system. «Counterfeits endanger human life», Thomas Borer, former Swiss Ambassador and Chairman of Swiss Authentication Research and Development AG. says for example, when a counterfeit drug is sold, this could be life threatening. Dieter Ebert, technical director presented Borer on Friday in the zürcherischen Brüttisellen with a revolutionary product.

This is a security system that ensures products are genuine. The two part security system consists of a chemical substance which marks the product and the a special detector which reads the information embedded in the chemical within seconds and thus guarantees the authenticity of a product. Three different detectors are available in the form of a hand detector for 1700 francs, a bank card reader for approximately 1800 francs, or a forensic detector the size of a small briefcase for 14 000 francs.

Invisible to eyes

The chemical solution, a Lanthanoid compound is a white powder. It is produced in the laboratory of the company at its headquarters in Tägerwilen. As Dieter Ebert said small quantities of powder can be added to substances such as paints, plastic molding or even gasoline and the powder is programmed with letters, numbers, or pictures. The customer receives a unique chemical solution with individual product characteristics such as name or serial numbers in the powder. The unique powder is integrated into the product and protects against counterfeiting. The powder becomes the invisible marker which is read by the laser detector. If the marker tag is missing a product is counterfeited.

The security system according to Chairman Borer should be used for credit cards or passports, in the pharmaceutical industry on luxuries, medical devices and branded products. «Genuine products strengthen Swiss companies», said Borer. He was convinced of the market opportunity of this new company and thus involved himself.

In Germany, Swiss Authentication already has a number of customers. In Switzerland, at least five enterprises were added as partners including banknote manufacturers and credit card companies. (Thurgauer Newspaper)

100 Million sales target

The Swiss Authentication Research and Development AG was founded on 2009. Seven people are working at the headquarters of the company in Tägerwilen. Up to 36 freelancers for the company are active in Germany and America. The company will expand and create a foot hold in Asia. The goal is to earn at least a hundred million francs sales by the end of 2011. The company currently has 100+ shareholders. The aim is to establish itself as the leader in the protection of high-quality products. (jow) Versteckte Zeichen article from 5/29/2010

Tages Anzeiger Jungunternehmen holt Thomas Borer an Bord article from 5/28/2010